BlackBerry PlayBook Diehard Takes To Stores To Help The Retail Placement, User Experence

The BlackBerry Playbook has some dedicated fans. Not many, of course, but they are certainly out there. One such fan took to the forums with a rather novel idea on how to support RIM and the PlayBook: retail evangelism, ninja-style.

His plan, at least in part, is to help the PlayBook cause by sneaking a poster into stores that shows some tips, tricks, and basic functions. His thought is that this will help increase PlayBook sales by showing consumers the basic’s of the device. Because, you know, a quality product needs basic instructions.

Jokes aside, this guy has a point. Retail demos are often assembled by underpaid and under-appreciated workers who just want to get the job done. Company reps are supposed to come inspect these displays, but as someone who spent a good deal of time in retail, I can tell you that rarely happens. Just a couple of weeks ago I went to Office Max for some paper. (btw, when did paper get so expensive?) Their Playbook wasn’t even powered so a little plastic card wouldn’t help at all.

The point of this guy’s plan is to bring attention to the PlayBook, something RIM seemingly doesn’t care to do. The iPad, or even HP TouchPad, tend to have fancy end cap displays with flashy posters, where the PlayBook is often shoved in with random Android tablets. That’s RIM’s fault for not securing the proper retail space for the PlayBook and its fans feel that it’s their responsibility to fix the multi-billion dollar company’s oversight. Bad news bears. [Via TheLoop]