Google, Please Hire This Guy

Matthew Epstein wants to work at Google, bad. In his quest for a gig on the company’s product marketing team, he’s set up this cool website, and more interestingly, made the video below.

(Via Hacker News, where he’s evidently being criticized by people who appear to be extremely passionate about criticizing other people relentlessly). (get it, me? Matthew Epstein? Ha!) has been live for a couple of days now, and at the time of the launch Epstein wrote that this is just the beginning of his quest to land a job at Google:

I have several big marketing and PR initiatives scheduled and I can’t wait for Google and everyone else to see them. The next 21 days will prove whether I walk the walk or just talk the talk.

This isn’t about proving to people that I excel at marketing, this is about proving to myself that I have what it takes to solve complicated problems with enthusiasm and passion.

Also, making rather amusing videos.

For what it’s worth, Google has already gotten in touch with Epstein but informed him that he should go through the standard hiring processes over there (which he’s fine with).

My spider senses are betting on Epstein getting hired rather swiftly, though.