eBay’s Instant Sale iOS App Allows You To Exchange Gadgets For Cash On The Go

In October, eBay rolled out its Instant Sale program, which allows you to sell old gadgets to the e-commerce giant. You simply identify the type of device you are looking to sell and its condition, and eBay will offer you a price for your gadget. After eBay receives the package, you’ll receive a payment deposited into your PayPal account. Today, eBay is launching a iOS app for Instant Sale, which allows you to exchange gadgets for cash on the go.

Similar to the Instant Sale web platform, the iPhone app serves as a tool for consumers to sell or recycle old electronics. Within the app, you identify the type of device you wish to sell and describe its condition and you’ll be presented with an offer. If you accept the offered price, eBay will supply you with a free prepaid shipping label for the gadget to be mailed. Your PayPal account will be funded accordingly.

Of course, the app does something nifty with iOS devices you are looking to sell (if you are using the device you want to sell). The app will identify the type of device you are using, and you simply clarify the storage capacity and describe its condition to receive an offer.

eBay says sellers sold more than $133 million in iPhones in 2010 alone (that’s more than 435,000 iPhones, nearly 350,000 of which were used or refurbished), so clearly this is a big market. Since the launch of Instant Sale, the top three items sold and their highest sale prices (based on “excellent” item condition) are the Apple iPhone 3G 8GB ($117), the Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB, ($179) and the Motorola Droid A855 ($45.18).

It’s no secret that eBay has been pushing a significant mobile strategy of late, and is building an army of mobile apps. eBay says its mobile apps generated nearly $2 billion in global gross merchandise volume 2010, triple that of 2009. And in 2011, eBay expects to double its mobile GMV again to $4 billion.