The Tiny WIMM Communications Device Allows For Wearable Communications

Like a miniaturized, wearable Chumby, the WIMM micro communications device looks interesting and, given enough support and interest, could actually be interesting. The device looks like a tiny iPod Nano but features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is supposed to play nicely with your Android phone and runs its own stripped-down version of Android to display messages, handle exercise monitoring, and, presumably, run tiny apps that others will write.

The device isn’t quite for sale. In fact, it’s more of a platform for others to build upon (just like Chumby) and you can write apps for WIMM-compatible devices that should work across the range. The platform is ostensibly open but manufacturers will have to license the technology to build similar tech.

You can develop for the platform using these tools and licensees can use the dev hardware to plan their own WIMM-compatible devices.

Fundamental to the WIMM Platform is an elegant, simple touch screen interface that hides the complexity and power of the underlying technology. The WIMM Module can be loaded with a variety of Android-based Micro Apps created by using an open SDK. In addition, it works seamlessly with Android, Blackberry and iOS devices. For the partner, it offers an open platform that’s easily customizable; for the consumer, it offers always-on information at a glance.

Will it take off? I’ve never in my long history seen a working, popular wearable information device but, again, what do I know. Maybe these are the next Star Trek Communicators. You can reserve a dev device here, available Q3 2011, and boldly go where so many have gone before.

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