New Device Detects Radiation In Food Even Inside Cardboard Boxes In 12 Seconds

Even almost 5 months after the earthquake and tsunami disaster that hit Japan on March 11, there is still fear over radiation in food in the country. Now Tokyo-based Fuji Electric has developed a device [JP] that detects radiation in food like fish, meat, fruit and vegetables in just 12 seconds.

The company says that similar systems usually take tens of minutes for the same process and that their system doesn’t even require to cut samples of the food to be cut into pieces. Instead, the device can check about 200 cardboard boxes filled with food in 60 minutes – cutting or even unpacking the food isn’t required.

The device is sized at W360mm×D865mm×H1350mm and weighs 150kg.

According to Japanese business daily The Nikkei, Fuji Electric aims at selling 500 units this fiscal year. The system will go on sale in September for $56,000.