LG’s New Premium 3D TV Set Works With Passive Glasses (That’s A Good Thing!)

If you’re a fan of the third dimension, otherwise known as depth, then this new premium 3D TV set from LG may be of interest. The LW980S is a passive glasses set that taps LG’s Cinema 3D technology, equipped with a NANO Full LED backlit screen. For those who aren’t well versed in 3D jargon, passive glasses means that they don’t have to be charged, and are thus, less expensive.

There are two types of passive 3D glasses out in the world. One, you’ll recognize from the last decade in movie theaters: a cardboard frame with one red and one blue cellophane lens on each side. Those are called anaglyph glasses, and are most likely not the passive glasses LG has in mind. It’s more likely that the glasses will be polarized passive glasses, which are the ones that jumble that 3D image when your head is tilted to the sides. Polarized passive glasses are the most advanced form of passive glasses that can be used on a home TV set.

According to Europe’s TUV and Intertek testing agencies, the LW980S has a “flicker-free” screen and is meant to cause less discomfort when viewing. And we all know how important that is. LG even found a way to build in wide viewing angles so that everyone in the room can watch pleasantly.

Unfortunately, the release lacked a few key details like… oh, I don’t know… full specs, pricing, and availability. One tech spec that we did manage to get our hands on was the fact that LG’s new premium set sports a TruMotion 400Hz refresh rate to keep things smooth and snappy. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for when this bad boy should hit shelves, and just how much weight your wallet will lose should you choose to purchase. Stay tuned.