In wake of Airbnb's #Ransackgate nightmare, 9flats offers insurance in Europe

Earlier this evening Airbnb offered an unconditional apology to the victim of #Ransackgate. CEO Brian Chesky wrote a blog post saying company was offering all users “a blanked $50,000 guarantee against damages to hosts.”

Well, the response is coming in from one European company that has adapted and built on the Airbnb model. Germany based 9flats has now decided to offer an insurance option as well. It’s kind’ve convenient they are announcing this now of course. But at least its a start. We’ve yet to hear from another German company, Wimdu.

For 3.50 Euros per night 9flats will now cover damages of up to 2,500 Euros. It may not sound much but that makes it the first provider in Europe to offer hosts protection for their properties. The fee covers all guests staying in the property.

Right now, security standards include hosts and guests ability to evaluate each other online, plus on-ground scouts checking out properties.