Dare Mike’s Assistant To Do Anything You Like — For The Labradors!

Today’s the day Mike Arrington’s new assistant Greg will be wandering the streets of Silicon Valley, doing everything — and anything — that you ask him to do.

We’ve already received a bunch of hilarious tasks (dares?) — but we want even more to make sure Greg is thoroughly embarrassed occupied, so please keep them coming. Since all of the money is going to charity, the Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue, we are going to give priority to those suggestions that offer the most money.

Want Greg to streak through Union Square? That could go for $200, wouldn’t you think so? Take a shot every 15 minutes? That could go for a good $10 a shot, and be worth every penny to watch, right? Don’t go it because you want poor old Greg to get drunk and naked in public: do it for the Labradors!

We’ll choose Greg’s first challenge around 11am (PT) and we’ll keep going for at least a couple of hours — even longer if we receive enough amusing/entertaining tasks. To get Greg to do your bidding, just tweet your task (and your bid — for the Labradors!) using the #ZaarlyGreg hashtag. I’ll be following him with a TCTV camera crew to record the tasks, and I’ll also update this post from 11am whenever anything ridiculous happens (which will probably be often).

Send your tasks and bids via Twitter right now: hashtag #ZaarlyGreg

Update #1: Greg almost got stung by hundreds of bees on the top of a roof in SOMA.

Update #2: Greg just taught a whole company how to Dougie, during a meeting they were having.

Update #3: Greg just delivered a singing telegram to someone’s boyfriend, singing Britney Spears to him and the Backstreet Boys.

Update #4: Greg almost just got arrested for jumping in a fountain outside of a corporate office.

Update #5: Greg just walked 5 dogs through Lafayette Park.

Update #6: Greg just professed his love to Mike in the middle of Union Square by singing him a song.

Update #7: Greg just battled someone to a flying helicopter race inside their office.

And we’re done. Video to come shortly. Thank you to all who participated!

Disclosure: TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington is an investor in Zaarly. You can read about his investment policy here.