“Cut The Rope” Sequel Will Be Called “Cut The Rope: Experiments”, Launching August 4th

While Angry Birds tends to get all the credit for being the game that has endlessly owned the App Store, it’s not alone up at the top. ZeptoLab’s Cut The Rope was the first game to come along and (temporarily) knock the Birds from their #1 spot back in October of 2010 — and in the months since, it’s rarely spent any time not in the top ten.

With the license still proving to be an effective cash-printing machine (I mean, come on: they’ve got Cut The Rope plush dolls and comic books now) the Cut The Rope team is moving on to the next logical step: the sequel.

We’d been hearing that a second Cut The Rope game was in the works, so we reached out to the folks behind the original. They confirmed that the followup is on the way — in fact, it’s scheduled to launch later this week. If all goes as planned, it should hit the App Store on August 4th.

They also sent over an exclusive teaser trailer (see below) — and while it doesn’t show much in terms of gameplay, it does spill the beans on the name: Cut The Rope: Experiments. ZeptoLab is still being pretty light with the details, but sums up the follow-up as:

“What on earth is Om Nom?! That’s what millions of fans of the widely acclaimed game, Cut the Rope, have been asking about the cute little monster who eats candy like its his job! That same question has a mad (but not bad) scientist studying the little creature that mysteriously arrived outside his house.”

Any Cut The Rope addicts (what do they call you guys? Cutters? That can’t be right.) out there just dying for this one?

(Update: Just an interesting note — from what we’re hearing, ZeptoLab is self-publishing this one. The original Cut The Rope was built by ZeptoLab and published by Chillingo, but it looks like Chillingo has been cut out of the equation this time around.)

Here’s all the media they shared with us: