Motorola MB865 Has A Name, LTE Tracking Code

The mystery machine that Jordan introduced us to last week has appeared again, but maybe not in the way we expected. Instead of posing for the camera again, the Atrix-esque handset has popped up in AT&T’s billing system, which seems to confirm that the device has been provisioned with a special tracking code unique to LTE devices.

What’s more, AT&T’s own XDM support system seems to corroborate the LTE claim: the devices are in the field with phone numbers that correspond to areas where AT&T intends to light up their LTE network first. Presumably this means that a few Motorola MB865s (or Atrix 2s, considering the original bore the model number MB860) are floating around somewhere in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio.

The internals are still shrouded in mystery at this point, although the original source speculates that it may be packing a dual-core Texas Instruments processor. That same source also thinks that the MB865 will retain the qHD display that gracde the original Atrix.

This handset just went from Motorola eye candy to possibly one of AT&T’s LTE launch devices in the span of one week, but here’s hoping it lives up to expectations. With Verizon’s LTE network lit up and working with some great devices, AT&T can’t really afford to botch a launch due to iffy hardware.