iOS App Scans Printed Music Notes, Plays Them In Real-Time (Video)

I am extremely unmusical (on the verge of being tone-deaf) so I can’t decide whether this new iPhone app is good or bad: Japan-based musical instrument maker Kawai has developed a camera app that scans music notes printed on paper and plays them back in real-time. Dubbed Gakufu Camera [JP], the app is said to be the first of its kind.

Kawai claims the app also works with handwritten notes, those printed in different colors and under weak lighting. Gakufu Camera also offers a few other bells and whistles, for example a function that allows you to store the notes you scanned first and play the melody afterwards.

Gakufu Camera is only available in the Japanese App Store at the moment for iOS 4.0 and up (price: 350 yen/$4.50). But as Kawai is a global company and the app is already available in Japanese and English, expect it to hit other markets rather sooner than later (we’ll keep you posted).

This video shows the app in action (explanations in Japanese, but music fans will get it, I am thinking):

Via Asiajin via IT Media [JP]