Best Buy Releases Insignia TV With Built-In TiVo

Insignia, Best Buy’s in-house tech brand, has just released a TV with TiVo UI built-in. Why? I suppose people didn’t want to have a separate TiVo on their CE shelves. Two great tastes that taste great together, right?

The 32-inch model sells for $499 while the 42-inch sells for $699. It’s a 1080p/120Hz LED screen with a network features as well as support for something called Rocketboost that works with Best Buy’s own sound peripherals. It’s basically a method of upsell and lock-in.

Big deal? Nah, but a $499 32-incher with TiVo (no DVR) built-in isn’t too bad and if you’re hard up for cash you can save a little money by sticking getting a TV and media player in one. You’ll note that Yahoo! also has something called Connected TV, but they’re Yahoo! so who cares? Available now, presumably in time for Back-To-School.

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