SpaceX To Launch ISS-Bound Supply Ship In November

With the demise of the space shuttle program fresh in my mind, I’m forced to find my space-related solace wherever I can. Luckily, with companies like SpaceX still devoted to removing the obstacles to commercial space flight, I can’t be too bummed — and as Reuters has reported, SpaceX is preparing their next step. After their literal show of force a few months back, SpaceX is aiming their sights just a little higher.

Late this November, SpaceX is set to launch their second test pod to the International Space Station and bring her back home again. Should it succeed, Elon Musk and company will have come one step closer to their goal of becoming one of two commercial entities who can deliver cargo to the ISS. SpaceX is also looking to transport people between the station and home, and is currently looking at their Dragon multipurpose craft to do much of the people moving.

Admittedly, it’s no mission to Mars, but it’s an important project that will help sustain the International Space Station and hopefully pave the way for similar projects in the future. Besides, once we get all this low Earth orbit business down pat, it should be time to move onto some loftier ambitions.