Samsung Goes Mum With Phone And Tablet Sales Stats

Anybody notice something missing from Samsung’s Q2 results? Hint: it was the phone/tablet sales data. But why? Well, according to Samsung’s “new information policy,” phones and tablets data will henceforth remain a secret. “As competition intensifies, there are increased risks that the information we provide may adversely affect our own business,” said Samsung’s investor relations boss Robert Yi on the Q2 conference call.

Hmmm. Well what risks exactly is he talking about? Yi certainly refused to delve any further into the matter, but analysts expect it has quite a bit to do with the company’s current legal battle with Apple. This seems a little misleading, to be honest. Samsung and Apple’s beef is related to patents, focused on both design and software. Sales stats don’t really change that. Then again, if Apple can prove to the judge that Samsung’s “copycat” devices are cutting into its earnings, Samsung may face some trouble. I’m no lawyer so don’t quote me on that, but it’s a thought.

Another thought, which may not get the best reaction, has to do with our recent article about Android’s return rate. Whether that number is right or wrong, a mega-manufacturer of millions phones a year would rightly want to keep that data to itself.

Either way, analysts seem to agree that Apple is one bad mamma jamma to play rough with, and Samsung will probably continue to step lightly until this whole legal mess is over.