Chamillionaire Pleads With Android Design Lead To Give Him A Decent Device

“I’ve used all these different devices — they suck.”

Short. Sweet. To the point. Rarely do you find that at tech conferences. Luckily, Chamillionaire loves coming to ours.

That was the hip-hop star’s words to Android design lead Matias Duarte during our Mobile First CrunchUp today. During the closing panel, Chamillionaire got up to express his love for the iPhone and his frustration that Android has not been able to create even one device that can match it.

Obviously, this drew a big reaction from the audience. And Duarte took it in stride. He told Chamillionaire that everyone has different tastes (similar to his iOS vs. Android design argument earlier in the day). And he admitted that Apple does make great devices, as do competitors like Microsoft and HP.

But Chamillionaire kept pressing. He wanted a single, clear answer. Which Android device should he use? “I’m hoping that pretty soon we’re gonna have an android phone you’re gonna love,” Duarte responded, seemingly hinting at a new Android device yet to come.

When our own Erick Schonfeld asked Duarte what device he used, Duarte said it was the Nexus S. For now, that’s the one he recommends. Chamillionaire agreed to try it. We’ll see — I’m sure he’ll be tweeting his thoughts.