Video: When Roombas And Baby Ducks Mate, A Khepera Swarm Robot Is Born

So, this is cool: The Georgia Robotics and Intelligent Systems lab has built these things called Khepera swarm robots. Though they look like little Roombas, they haven’t quite learned how to pick up crumbs yet. They’re actually a part of grad student Edward Macdonald’s Masters thesis and just recently learned a couple new tricks.

Their first feat was to spell out the word GRITS (for Georgia Robotics and Intelligent Systems), and now they’ve moved on to forming a landing pad for a quadrocopter. They grow up so fast, don’t they? Anyways, in the video below you can see these little cutie-bots walk in a line behind the leader robot (which reminds me of baby ducks), and create a formation fit to land a quadrocopter on.



[via Engadget]