Motorola Triumph’s Camera Issues Are Way Worse Than A Little Screen Flickering

The Motorola Triumph is off to a rough start. A flickering screen issue, while annoying, isn’t all that bad when compared with what new Triumph owners are complaining about now: Apparently the handset’s 5-megapixel autofocus camera forgot how to autofocus.

We figured this may be a settings issue, but it seems that most people are experiencing the blurry cam problem right out of the box. Some have even exchanged the faulty unit for a fresh one, only to have the same problem. My gut tells me that this has nothing to do with hardware, since autofocus is generally a software-controlled feature. A similar issue plagued the original Motorola Droid in its early days, with a software patch clearing it up just a few weeks post-launch.

But wait, there’s more! Other Triumph owners are complaining that while their pictures are mostly in focus, they’ve got a nasty yellow/green tint to them. One user reported that they tweaked settings a number of times, and also reset the phone to factory settings, and still couldn’t get the green blob out of the pic. (See that box used in the picture up above? Notice the funky green blob in the center? Yeah, that box was completely white.)

The Triumph was Virgin Mobile’s summer beast. With solid specs and a $300-off-contract price tag, we expected this pre-paid handset to launch with guns blazing. Unfortunately, these hiccups have caused a not-so-triumphant debut. Having similar issues? Drop a comment below and let us know.

[Thanks, zebramall!]