Feds Approve $44K Doctor Reimbursement for Using Drchrono’s iPad App

As we’ve written in the past, Drchrono, a startup thatsimplifies the professional lives of doctors by bringing electronic health records and much more to the iPad, has received official government certification. This is will result in doctors receiving $44,000 in incentives when they use drchrono as an electronic medical records platform.

As we’ve written in the past, drchrono’s iPad app allows doctors to schedule patient appointments, dictate notes via audio, take pictures, write prescriptions and send them to pharmacies, enable reminders, take clinical notes, access lab results, and, most importantly input electronic health records.

The electronic medical records element is key because the Obama administration is currently offering incentives for doctors to start moving their health records online. Drchrono will help doctors start, finish and manage this process. Because of this, the startup has been awarded aMeaningful Use certification, which allows doctors to receive up to $44,000 in government incentives for downloading the apps and using it enough to meet the Government’s requirement. The drchrono application tracks how much a doctor uses the EHR and automatically gives them key metrics to report to the government in order to get their incentive money for 2011.

The startup says the certification makes drchrono the first native EHR on the iPad to be certified for Meaningful Use.

Drchrono just raised $675,000 in seed funding from General Catalyst, Charles River Ventures, 500 Startups, Gmail creator and FriendFeed cofounder Paul Buchheit, Google’s Principal Engineer Matt Cutts, and the Start Fund.