Xperia Arc Comes To US Without Carrier Support

Ever since it was first spotted this past winter, we’ve wondered how long it would be before we’d have an Xperia Arc of our own to not notice in our pockets. For months rumors flew about which U.S. carrier would be lucky enough to nab the svelte smartphone, with AT&T emerging as the fan favorite. Well, summer has come, and so has the answer — the Xperia Arc is, carrier-wise, flying solo.

It’s frankly a little weird to see a phone that received as much hype as the Arc not get picked up domestically, especially when our Molson-swilling neighbors to the north can pick it up for $100 on a contract with Rogers. What’s more, the U.S.-spec Arc packs support for AT&T’s 2G and 3G bands, which makes rather clear Sony Ericsson’s carrier of choice.

AT&T could still pick the device up down the road — the X10 sold in plenty of foreign markets before it flew under an orange-and-blue banner — but nothing’s a given yet.

The Arc is set to debut on Sony’s retail website, Amazon, NewEgg, and this August. Expect to throw down $599 for a piece of the action if you don’t feel like waiting for an acquisition that may never happen.