Possible Atrix 4G Successor Caught On Camera With 8MP 1080p Shooter In Tow

Here’s a mystery for you: Images of a Motorola Android handset have surfaced on Chinese blogs, and it looks incredibly similar to the Atrix 4G. In fact, it looks identical save for a few miniscule changes. The pictures come courtesy of IT168 and were published by ePrice.tw, which seems to think that the display will have a contoured design.

For one, the Atrix’s 5-megapixel 720p camera was swapped out for an 8-megapixel 1080p rear shooter, which will apparently have its own dedicated camera button along the side of the phone. The MotoBlur logo is no where to be found, although it’s clear in the photos that this unnamed handset isn’t running stock Android. We assume that this particular handset has some sort of custom skin on it, but it’s totally possible that we’re looking at a new version of Blur and we just don’t know it yet.

The AT&T logo also relocated to the top of the phone, above the display, and the Motorola logo took up residence on the back where AT&T’s stamp used to be. The earpiece has also undergone a makeover, and seems to be a bit bigger and slightly further up the phone than it is on the Atrix.

Despite all the extras we’re seeing on this anonymous phone, one key Atrix feature is missing in action: a fingerprint scanner. The Atrix is one of the only phones to sport a fingerprint reader and it really set the phone apart in terms of design. Even though it probably doesn’t see a whole lot of action (what with all the different software-related security options offered by Android), I’ll still be sad to see such a cool feature get the ax.

There’s really no telling what’s going on under the hood of this bad boy, but I’d assume that the hardware changes we’re seeing in these photos only scratch the surface of what’s new underneath. Check out more photos after the jump.

[via Unwired View]