T-Mobile G2X Finally Gets Its Much-Needed Gingerbread Update

T-Mobile G2X owners have really gotten the short end of the stick. Granted, dual-core processing and top-notch cameras probably comfort this disgruntled hoard on long, lonely nights, but a 1080p video does nothing to stop the phone from randomly rebooting for… no reason at all. Plus, the phone shipped with Froyo in an increasingly Gingerbread world, which kind of peeves the living daylight out of anyone who truly hearts Android.

Anyways, the rant stops now because Gingerbread is on its way. Along with that tasty Gingerbread goodness, the update should also improve battery life, enhance the front-facing camera’s operation of Qik Record and Share, and easy disabling of Car Home. Oh, and I almost forgot, the update will also offer a cure for your phone’s narcolepsy (about 3 months later than we’d have liked).

[via TmoNews]