Sprint To Finally Retire The Evo 4G?

It’s looking like Sprint has signed off on death warrants for a few of its handsets, including our nation’s first-ever 4G smartphone, the Evo 4G. According to a leaked screenshot of this internal Sprint document (discovered by SprintFeed), at least 10 phones are getting the ax.

First up on the chopping block are the pink Samsung Seek and the blue Sanyo Innuendo, which will both get their EOL (end of life) branding in the next two weeks. Then, the Motorola i1 will see its end along with the grey BlackBerry Style 9670 around the end of July/early August.

Following those funerals, September will hit and bring with it a world of pain. The white Evo 4G will be no more, along with the BlackBerry Bold 9650 (rear-camera model) and the grey BlackBerry Curve. A month later, we’ll have to say goodbye to the Samsung Epic 4G, the Samsung Transform, and the black Evo 4G.

Many of these models have successors that are either in the works or on shelves now. But if you’ve had your heart set on an Evo 4G, Samsung Epic 4G, or any of these other doomed phones, get your rear in gear because they won’t be around much longer.

[via Phone Arena]