Sony Walkman A Series Leaks, Shows The Touchscreen PMP Is Far From Dead

Meet the upcoming Sony Walkman A series. This little guy appeared on a major UK retailer’s website sporting digs noticeable different from the current generation. It’s actually, dare I say, sexy.

As Sony’s top-tier media player, the A series have always existed with the sole purpose of fighting the iPod. That hasn’t changed. The upcoming models feature wireless file and music streaming along with a 3.4-inch OLED touch screen per a Cnet source. It also features an FM radio, various media modes, and the ability to sync with iTunes. According to the retailer, the new series should hit on July 31st with the standard assortment of models: the NWZ-A864 (8GB), NWZ-A865 (16GB), NWZ-A866 (32GB), and NWZ-A867 (64GB).