How Appropriate, Pampers Mobile Ad Promoted On Sex App

There is a lot of mobile ad inventory out there and sometimes brands can’t be sure where their ads will appear. Just like on the Web, automated ad placements can sometimes turn up in the darndest places. Take a look at the Pampers ad at the bottom of this screenshot for a popular app called 300+ Sex Positions.

It is an ad cross-promoting Pamper’s own Hello Baby app. The copy reads: “Discover the wonders of babys development with Pamper’s Hello Baby app.” Hello Baby, indeed.

The Pampers app appropriately enough is a pregnancy calendar that might come in handy if you try some of the sex positions in the first app. But I really wonder whether Pampers and its parent company Proctor & Gamble want their ads appearing in this context. It just isn’t P&G enough.

This isn’t just any add either. It is one of Apple’s own iAds. If you squint your eyes, you can see a watermark in the lower righthand corner. What do you think, was this ad placement intentional or a big mistake? Anyone from Pampers out there who can enlighten us on the marketing strategy here?

Since some people are having trouble making out the ad, her it is blown up: