Video: Motorola Triumph Screens Flicker Black And White, Owners Seeing Red

The Motorola Triumph — a pretty snazzy-lookin’ little beast (especially for a pre-paid device!) if I may say so — seems to have just hit a bit of a hurdle in its first week on the market: a number of new owners are hitting the forums with complaints of a flickering screen.

Not-so-proud new owners have reported that the screen starts to flicker after a couple successive taps at the lock button, whereas others have said the screen goes completely white at random. Some of these flicker-victims are calling it a hardware issue, although a number of them have said that even multiple hardware exchanges haven’t solved the problem.

One Triumph owner in particular had a more extreme issue than mere screen flickering: their screen actually went completely black, while the four buttons on the bottom locked up and stayed lit. The only fix that worked was the classic “battery-out-and-reboot” move.

Hopefully, this isn’t a widespread hardware issue, which is much more difficult to amend. If it’s software-related, it can be fixed as soon as an update is ready to be released. As I said, the Triumph has only been with us for just a week, and barely anything ships without bugs these days. Still, if the issue escalates the same way it did for our black-screened friend up there, both Virgin and Motorola are going to have some angry customers on their hands. Especially after shelling out $300.

[Thanks, juxxx]