The BookBook Case: Because You Always Wanted Your iPhone To Look Like A Little Bible

Tired of feeling like people are judging you for gawking at your iPhone all day? Feel like you’re always 10 seconds from some big dude punching you in the face and making your iPhone his iPhone?

Enter the BookBook. It’s a case that makes your iPhone look like.. a book. More specifically, it makes your iPhone look like a little itty-bitty Bible. Which is great, because (almost) no one can judge you for reading a Bible. And who would steal someone’s Bible? There’s just no need; you can get a free Bible just by walking into a church and saying “Sup guys, can I have a Bible?”

The BookBook is the first iPhone accessory out of the guys over at TwelveSouth. If you recall, these are the same guys who made the Apple Keyboard/Magic Trackpad-melding MagicWand.

Beyond shrouding your iPhone in a lookalike handbook, the BookBook has another trick up its sleeve: it’s a wallet. It’s got a slot for your ID, two credit cards, and some of that weird papery green stuff I’m told the people of the 90’s called “cash”.

One odd bit: as the video below makes clear, there’s no hole cut in the back for your camera to peek through, so you’ll have to pull your iPhone out a bit to snap a shot.

You can find the case, available today for $60 a pop, right over here. Or you can wait and see if the Gideons start hiding them in hotel drawers.