Amazon Has Opened 15 Fulfillment Centers In 2011, Will Build ‘A Few More’ By End Of The Year

It’s no secret that Amazon is ramping up fulfillment centers across the globe to meet with increasing demand. The e-commerce giant revealed in April that the company had built nine fulfillment centers in 2011 to meet growing demand in sales across the globe. And in May, Amazon opened two more in Arizons and Indiana.

In today’s Q2 earnings call, Amazon’s CFO Thomas Szkutak revealed that the company has built 15 new fulfillment centers in 2011, already surpassing the 13 centers that were added this year. And the company plans to build ‘a few more’ by the end of this year.

Amazon’s fulfillment centers enables the company and third-party merchants to store inventory and fulfill orders. With the 15 added this year, Amazon has roughly 65 fulfillment centers across the globe.

Obviously demand is coming both from Amazon’s retail business (sales reached nearly $10 billion this quarter), as well as its fulfillment business for third-party merchants.