Social music games company MXP4 opens office in Los Angeles

In April, Paris-based social music games company MXP4 released a new app – Bopler Games – that could transform the tunes of singers like Lily Allen into gaming music. Now, the company is opening an office in Los Angeles, California to prepare for the commercial launch of the application.

While the musical element definitely differentiates MXP4 from many other social gaming companies, MXP4 is getting closer to Zynga HQ. But the decision to go to LA was largely fueled by MXP4’s need to be in close proximity to the music industry – and the app has already attracted EMI Music and the likes. Still, R&D and technical activities will remain in France and CEO Albin Serviant and VP of Business Development and Content Acquisition Mark Collins will be between the 2 continents.

Since the launch of Bopler Games in April, 120,000 game sessions have already been completed. The game currently has 6 available titles with another 6 planned to be released by the end of September.