SendTheTrend Allows You To Create A Curated Online Store of Accessories

Send the Trend, a recently launched e-commerce site that brings personalization to the world of fashion accessories, is launching a new way for shoppers to curate their favorite items and make money at the same time, MyStyle.

For background, Send the Trend offers its customers personalized, affordable accessories such as fashion jewelry, sunglasses, scarves and more. The site takes you through a very short survey of what kind of accessories you may want, and it then provides stylist-curated customized recommendations for five different accessories for you. You can then buy any of the items for $30, with free shipping included for U.S. customers. The startup, which just raised funding from Battery Ventures and Founder Collective, was founded by Divya Gugnani, Mariah Chase and Project Runway winner Christian Siriano.

The key to Send The Trend is the element of curation and personalization. And today, the startup is empowering its users to be curators with the launch of MyStyle. The feature, which is the brainchild of the startup’s tech lead, Abishek Sachdeva; allows you to create an online Send the Trend store filled with your favorite accessories from the site. You can upload your picture, choose the words that describe your style and Send the Trend will pre-select products based on your preferences. You can also manually add items you like to your My Style page.

You can then socialize your MyStyle page and share it via Facebook, Twitter and email. Every time a friend buys a product, you get an automatic $10 credit at Send the Trend that you can use toward buying accessories. The top stylists can win more prizes, including $500 in cash.

Currently, there’s a waitlist to create a MyStyle page, but TechCrunch readers who sign up here will be able to jump ahead in the line. And until July 30, TechCrunch readers will receive 25 percent off purchases on Send The Trend using the code ‘TECHCRUNCH25’ at checkout.

MyStyle is a model that I think more and more e-commerce companies will adopt, as retailers look to both engage shoppers and socialize their products. And from the consumer standpoint, a personalized storefront gives users an easy way to make money or access discounts to a retailer.