SamsungDive: Apple’s “Find My iPhone” Just Got A Rival

Back in the day, the worst part of losing a phone was re-inputting contact information and coughing up the dough for another handset. With today’s smartphones, losing your phone is like losing everything. Not only is your very expensive piece of hardware gone, but your banking and credit card info, contacts, passwords, and social networking accounts are all up for grabs out in the world. It’s horrifying.

Samsung feels our pain, and has thus introduced SamsungDive, which lets you track and remotely control your handset when lost or stolen. GPS provides the user with exact coordinates of the device, and the user can then choose to either lock the device or wipe it clean.

The only devices currently supported by SamsungDive are the Galaxy S II, the Galaxy S, the Samsung Wave, and both the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1 slates. The service is only available in the UK and Germany for now, but should roll out to other countries soon. It’s a free service, but it won’t do you any good unless you register before your device is lost or stolen.

[via Phone Arena]