Give A Secret Password, Pay $10 And Bevvy Will Get You 50% Off Your Bar Tab

Los Angeles-based deals site Bevvy launches its permanent deals reservation system today, providing discounts for hardcore club types and casual happy hour attendees alike. With the new system Bevvy basically gives users 50% off their tabs at selected bars and clubs, taking a $10 reservation fee for a $100 tab and a $50 reservation fee for a $500 bottle service.

Bevvy eliminates the coupons associated with other deals sites by giving users a unique “speakeasy”-type password with which to inform servers of their participation (staff gets an updated password list via email daily). Related: I really like the idea of going up to a server and whispering something like “Rumpelstiltskin” to get a discount on booze.

Bevvy deals aren’t “daily,” and can be used year round in order to maximize yield management and spread out business for club owners. The deals for nightlife space is heating up, as competitor Poggld (a “Groupon for nightlife”) just expanded to New York and LA.

Bevvy’s site has Twitter and Facebook integration so users can give their friends a heads up about where the discounted party will be at. Users are also encouraged to invite friends via social media for a $10 credit toward more Bevvys.

With Bevvy, co-founder Niall Donnelly draws upon his experience as an owner of various nightclubs and bars including Anam Cocktail Lounge and Rolling Stone LA. You can tell: Bevvy monetizes through reservation fees, so businesses get 100% of the customers’ spend. Customers are also encouraged to tip bar staff on the full amount of the bill for obvious good karma reasons.

With 100k in seed funding, the company plans on expanding to other cities in the next few months and has a mobile app in the works. Dubbed “the Gilt for nightlife,” it’s no surprise that Bevvy has also partnered up with Gilt City to offer deals via its website shortly.