SkyGrid Brings Realtime News Aggregator To Android Tablets

SkyGrid, a startup that offers a powerful business news aggregator, is bringing its news reader to Android tablets today. The company previously launched Android, iPhone and iPad apps.

Using the startup’s patented algorithm, Information Velocity; SkyGrid measures what news is spreading the fastest across the world, and brings that content directly to its apps. And users will know what news is relevant based on the people, topics, and events, that are spreading the fastest around the whole world. The app itself streams information from mainstream news, social sites, and blogs and allows you to share news articles and streams on the app via email, Twitter and Facebook.

You can also follow news by type, person, topic and more. And you can create custom streams that combine different types of news, follow streams, and access SkyGrid’s featured news that are trending globally.

SkyGrid CEO Kevin Pomplun says all of the app’s design, layout, and interaction has been built to be tailored exactly to Android Tablets (as opposed to having just an Android phone app that expands to tablets). The app will also send notifications with the new badge icon or on the Android status bar on tablets.

SkyGrid’s app has been particularly popular on the iPad, and is currently ranked in the top 10 as an iPad News App in the App Store, so the startup expects for the Android tablet to be popular among users.