Memento Corruptionem: Sprout Watches Are Biodegradable

Centuries from now, archeologists will come upon a cache of these Sprout biodegradable watches and find only their movements, the thin wafers of silicon corroded into each other like the Antikythera mechanism and surrounded by Big Gulp cups and Pringles cans, a testament to a brand’s dedication to eco-friendliness.

See, the cases, bands, faces, and bezels of these watches, which range from $30 to $75, are made of biodegradable products include bamboo, cotton, resin, and mineral crystals.

While I doubt they’re much healthier for the environment than a $10 drug store Timex, you can at least pretend you’re heeding the Lorax while wearing one of these thanks to the eco-friendly bill of materials shown on their website.

You can buy these guys online and, sadly, they all feature quartz movements (but they come with mercury-free batteries).