Big Surprise! The iPad Trumps Android Tablets At The Office

Huge news! The iPad is trumping Android tablets in the enterprise! Actually this is rather small news and could probably be assumed by just about anyone who knows what they’re talking about. Either way, the smarty arties at Good Technology kindly mapped out the stats sans assumption.

Tablets made up 27 percent of Good Technology’s mobile device activations (the network includes 49 of the Fortune 100 companies and 182 of the Fortune 500 companies), and of those activations, more than 95 percent were iPads.

As I said, this is not surprising. Good Technology claims that as tablets infiltrate the enterprise space, many companies have adopted a BYOD (bring your own device) model. Since most tablet owners are sporting iPads, it only makes sense that the enterprise reflect those numbers. However, Lenovo just released the ThinkPad which is “the Android tablet the niche market has wanted all along.” With the built-in security and almost all the specs you could ask for, this one has the potential to shake things up in the enterprise.

At the same time, my gut tells me this iPad craze has a lot to do with status. Back before the iPhone, business men carried around BlackBerries and whether they liked it or not, it was a status symbol. It meant: I am so important that my company bought me this special messaging phone with super secure email. Now, those same BlackBerries are falling into the hands of assistants, while the big guys upstairs carry around iPhones, and to some degree, Android handsets.

The same is happening with tablets. This time, Apple was the first out of the gate to offer a sexy, powerful tablet. It took the world by storm. Android tablets are trying to catch up, and with the number of OEMs pushing out Android tablets, it shouldn’t take that long either. In the meantime, Apple’s iPad is the “it” tablet, and it oozes status whether in an office or a Starbucks.

[via SlashGear and AllThingsD]