Android vs. iOS: The Heated Battle Over Mobile Advertising [Infographic]

With U.S. mobile ad revenues expected to hit $2.8 billion by 2015, according to BIA/Kelsey, it’s becoming pretty clear that mobile advertising is growing like gangbusters. This is largely thanks to the rising ubiquity of smartphones, as comScore showed in its May report, which included the eye-grabbing fact that 76.8 million Americans now own a smartphone.

Of course, the big players in mobile OSes, Android, iOS, RIM, Symbian, and Windows, continue to duke it out for market share, with Android currently leading the way. However, the most intense battle has been set between Android and iOS, and thanks to a nifty infographic from inneractive, the mobile ad mediation platform, we have a peek into who’s winning the battle over mobile advertising.

… And it looks like it’s pretty hard to declare a winner at this point; both platforms are pushing ahead in different areas. The infographic compares iOS and Android, just to clarify some terms, on: Effective cost per mille (eCPM), which measures the revenue a developer makes per every 1000 impressions of an ad in their app, click through rate (CTR), or the percentage of ad impressions that generate a click, and global fill rate, the percentage of ad impressions that were populated by an ad.

When it comes to effectiveness, both are close, but iOS edges out Android for the victory, just as it does in CTR — whereas Android takes the cake both in global fill rate and average app life cycle.

inneractive also recently published an infographic on Nokia’s attempted come-back, which you can see here.

But without further ado, Android vs. iOS: