With 1 Billion Calls Under Their Belt, YouMail Surpasses 2 Million Users

Voicemail is terrible. And yet, even with far superior options at their fingertips (read: text messages. Hell, carrier pigeons are better. I’ve never heard of a shady news outlet hacking a celebrity’s carrier pigeon, have you? QED), some folks just won’t give it up. Fortunately, there are a few third party services out there to make voicemail less terrible, bringing features like visual voicemail to handsets where it might not otherwise exist.

One of these services, YouMail, is really on a roll lately. After announcing earlier this month that they’d received their billionth call and had closed a round that upped their total funding to $12.5 million, the company has just disclosed another stat exclusively to TechCrunch: they’ve just crashed through the 2 million user mark.

If nothing else, their growing pace is impressive. It took roughly 3 years (from launch in 2007 to March of 2010) for them to break past their millionth user — and now they’ve managed to double up in half the time. One of the bigger contributors to their growth? Oddly enough: unlocked iPhones. Unlocked iPhones (like the 1 million+ unlocked iPhones on T-Mobile) generally can’t get visual voicemail from their carrier, so YouMail steps in to fill the gap.

Now, how many of these users are actually active? They… don’t know. As odd as it seems, the company doesn’t seem to have any means of measuring such things — or at least, thats what they tell us. They did share that they’re currently answering around 11 million phone calls per week, but they’re not able to crunch out the numbers for just how many different users those calls are going too.