The Netflix App (Unofficially) Arrives On Honeycomb Tablets, Here’s How To Install It

Bow down to the power of the XDA Developers! It’s now possible to get Netflix streaming on seemingly all Android devices without any hacking, rooting or general nonsense. This is counter to Netflix’s official stance to only allow the app on specific tablets that conform to certain DRM requirements at the hardware level. It’s just-announced Lenovo IdeaPad’s biggest selling point, one that’s now moot.

All that’s required is a specific APK file and you’re off and running. I didn’t have any issue installing or running the app on the Motorola Xoom or Toshiba Thrive and even outputing the video over HDMI. It even runs albeit slowly on the Nook Color says The eBook Reader. I’ve yet to find a report of the app not work on a Honeycomb tablet or Android 2.x phone. Click through for the 4 easy steps.

The best part of this exploit is that you don’t need to root or jailbreak your Honeycomb tablet. It seems to work on every stock ROMs.

Step one.
Click over to XDA-developer and download the APK. You might want to drop a note of thanks, too.

Step two.
Get the APK onto your device. You’re most likely going to have to connect the tab to your computer with a USB cable and drop the file in a folder. Remember the location.

Step three.
Go to Settings > Applications > Check the box next Unknown Sources to allow installation of non-Market apps.

Step four.
Using a file manager app (many available in the Market), navigate to the folder you dropped the APK and click (or hold+click) to install.

That’s it. The file should install and be running within a few seconds. Of course since this is from unofficial channels, it might not work as advertised. But it probably will.