Mint Debuts New Bill Tracking And Reminder Feature

Intuit-owned is debuting a new feature today that should make paying bills a little easier. Now Mint will offer users a formal bill tracking feature that allows users to track multiple bills in one location and set up reminders as well. And 300 TechCrunch readers will get private beta access to the feature by clicking here.

While Mint offered tracking for credit card bills, this feature is a comprehensive platform to track all of your bills. You can manually input all of your bills, payments and due dates and Mint will give you time line of bills so you can see what’s coming up and what bills have been paid. Mint will also send bill dute date reminders and alerts via SMS or mobile, and users can customize how far in advance of the bill due date they’d like the reminder.

Mint says that bill reminders and tracking were the most requested features among current users. The next step, says Mint, is to start creating data sets and insights out of bill data, which is in the pipeline.

Of course, one question that users may have is why Mint didn’t launch this feature earlier. We observed late last year that Mint hasn’t been innovating much these days. And Hearst’s Manilla is another startup that offers a comprehensive bill payments and tracking service, and launched earlier this year.