Cloud Storage Company CX Raises $5M From Eric Schmidt And Others, Acquires FileDen

CX, a cloud storage and SaaS data file management system, has raised $5 million in new funding from Eric Schmidt’s Tomorrow Ventures and Hanna Capital. This brings the company’s total funding to $10 million. CX, which has flown under the radar despite the company’s launch earlier this year, is also announcing that it has acquired fellow cloud-based file storage company FileDen. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed we are told the deal was a mixture of stock and cash.

CX allows users to backup, synchronize, share, and manage  their data in the cloud, from any device to any device, across multiple platforms, including desktops,  laptops, netbooks, and mobile devices.  CX will sync new, changed, offline, or deleted files to all connected computers and devices and maintains a history as you make changes. Other features include realtime backup, the ability to share a single set of synchronized files with a group of people, and more.

CX’s CEO Brad Robertson tells us that platform also sorts through the metadata of files being uploaded, allowing users to view and move through files based on data included. CX has a freemium model and depending on storage needs, users could pay as much as $40 per month for additional storage. CX currently offers customers 10 gigabytes of free storage space.

The company acquired FileDen for a number of reasons but mainly, FileDen bring CX’s combined user base to 3.5 million users. FileDen’s storage platform also bring additional functionality to CX, such as an MP3 Convertor for users that want to store their music in the cloud.

It should be interesting to see how CX can compete against some of the more popular cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, and SugarSync.