Kickstarter: Pen Type A, For The Minimalist Pen-Lover

I love me some writing implements. Not that I use them so much, but when I do use them, I don’t want some greasy Bic and a piece of copy paper. If I’m going to use my hand to control a marking instrument and scratch out glyphs on a piece of crushed tree flesh, by god I want to do it with dignity. I’ve been a big fan of Muji’s 0.38 ballpoint for years, but they actually just changed up the design recently, and I’m adrift. And then, along comes this Kickstarter. A pen I can love… forever.

The Pen Type A (suggestive of a type B, but that doesn’t exist yet) is a stainless steel pen that uses Hi-Tec-C cartridges, apparently well-respected in the pen world (not a small world, as it turns out). The body is a single piece of steel and the cap unscrews using a dime or similarly sized torquing device. It comes with a case that doubles as a ruler, also stainless steel. I have to tell you, this is my pen.

Unfortunately I have been robbed of the pleasure of helping these guys meet their funding level, since they’ve raised over five times their original $2500 goal. On the bright side, that means they’ll soon be available for purchase. And here comes the other shoe: this pen will cost $99 once it’s in the wild. I guess that’s why quite a few people (2/3rds of their funding, in fact) comes from the $50 level, at which point in addition to a warm fuzzy feeling, you get a pen!

There’s still time to “donate.” Head over to Kickstarter and check out the gear. Congrats to the Pen Type A crew, I look forward to seeing these things around.