Fujitsu Tech Lets You Send Apps To Users At Specific Times And Places

I am not really sure if there are that many use cases for a solution like this, but here we go: Fujitsu has developed a “platform technology” that makes it possible to push applications and data to devices at specific times and places. Users can access these applications on smartphones, tablets or PCs until they leave the place in question or a pre-determined usage time runs up (all apps and data then get erased automatically).

Fujitsu pitches a few scenarios where their solution would make sense. For example, in a business scenario, users could automatically get limited access to a company’s data when they enter a meeting room. That way, installing apps or distributing materials to each participant isn’t needed – and all data can automatically be erased once participants leave the room or building.

Fujitsu plans to commercialize their technology within fiscal 2012.