Audiosocket’s Music As A Service Allows Startups To Offer Licensed Music To Users

Audiosocket, an indie music licensing and technology company, is launching a new platform today called Music as a Service (MaaS), which gives developers a way to offer users the ability to license music for applications.

So content producers will be able to search, discover and license music from Audiosocket’s catalog of over 33,000 songs from more than 1,900 artists and composers around the world. MaaS can be integrated into third party photo and video sharing services, ad agencies and more. Partners pay nothing up-front to integrate MaaS, and content creators take on the licensing charges.

The virtue of using the platform is that content creators don’t have to worry about the hassle of licensing the music they want to use, because Audiosocket takes care of this. MaaS provides worldwide music licensing with automated licensing generation and payment processing, simplifying what has been a notoriously challenging process for content creators, and creating new revenue streams for artists and partners.

For example, slideshow creation tool Animoto is an Audiosocket client, and Audiosocket says this integration helped shape the vision for the MaaS platform.

Audiosocket faces competition from Pump Audio and Jingle Punks.