Acer Plans Smartphone And Tablet Push Into China

After switching up its Touch Business Group chief back in April, Acer has decided to set up an office for its mobile products in China, to better take advantage of the country’s growing smartphone and tablet market.

Acer has long been a beast in the Chinese PC market, but has yet to fully establish its presence as a smartphone or tablet maker. As the third place PC maker, Acer holds 9.2 percent of the PC market in China, whereas its smartphone share was too small for research firm Analysys to calculate. Former HP exec, Dave Chan, will take over the new Touch Business Group in China.

After a rather underwhelming performance out of the Acer Iconia tablet, Acer will need more than a new market to pick up its tablet business. On the other hand, Acer is one of the few manufacturing partners set to deliver a Windows Phone 7 “Mango” smartphone later this year, which could boost the company significantly if Windows Phone 7.5 is all it’s cracked up to be.

[via PC World]