Whoops! Sears.com Accidentally Lists iPad 2 For $69

Anyone looking for a $69 16GB iPad 2? Apparently, some IT guy over at one of Sears’ third-party resellers, GSM On Sale, had a bit of a face-palm moment: the site temporarily listed the iPad for $69.

Oddly enough, the listing claims that you’ll save a whopping $30 by taking advantage of this deal, posting an original price of $99.99. Honestly we’d snatch up an iPad at either of those price points, if at any time, in any world, it was possible to do so.

Sadly, it is not. The item has been de-listed, even though the page still remains if you have the right link. Right now Apple lists the 16GB iPad 2 for $499.99, so you’d actually see savings of almost 85 percent had this deal been for real.

We’re not sure if purchases made before the de-listing were honored, so if you’re one of the lucky few who stumbled upon the page early, let us know if they held up their end of the accidental bargain. We’ll be sure to keep your name confidential so the millions of people who paid $499 and up don’t come after you in your sleep.