TechCrunched: News Highlights in 1:45

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Lots of posts flew through TechCrunch this week. We’ve taken a few, packaged them together and put Erick behind the camera to quickly get you caught up on some of what you may have missed.

Full stories below:

Redesigning TechCrunch: We Picked This Logo Just to Piss You Off

Here’s Spotify! The Music Streaming Service Officially Lands In The US

Netflix Adjusts Pricing, Renting Those Plastic Discs Just Got More Expensive

Dancing To The Drumbeat Of HTML5, New Pandora Is Brilliant, Beautiful

PayPal Announces Phone-To-Phone NFC Payment Support For Android

Amazon’s Tablet Is No Threat To Apple, It’s A Huge Threat To Google

Google+ Estimated To Surge Past 10 Million Users (Chart)

Evernote Takes $50 million To Become The Anti-Zynga

Jawbone Raises $70M From JP Morgan

Dropbox Raising Massive Round at a $5B-Plus Valuation