Bringing Down The Satellites: Stargazing App Adds 8,000 Man-made Objects

Star Walk, an Astronomy guide, just released an update that includes over 8,000 manmade objects including navigation, weather, and “special interest” satellites. That means for $2.99 ($4.99 for iPad) I can finally follow the FBI satellites as they track my every move while beaming messages directly into my skull.

The app creates an AR interface that allows you to spin 360 degrees while pointing your phone at the sky. You can then identify stars, planets, and, obviously, one of these man-made objects.

Altogether there are about 24,500 man made objects on the orbit of the Earth. 8000 of them are functioning satellites, all of which are available in Star Walk database. The list of satellites is broken down into categories: Special-Interest, Weather & Earth Resources, Communications, Navigation, Scientific, etc. Not only can you spot the ISS flying over your head, you can also locate any satellite, be it a military or a low-earth-orbit satellite used by most popular satellite phones.

The app maker, Vito Technology, is also holding the Stat Walk Month of Astronomy featuring guides and contest for the wee astronomers in your life.

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