Apple Leaks Thunderbolt LED Cinema Displays, Kills The Dream For A Redesigned Mac Pro

Apple is gearing up for a big back-to-school push as stated by several product codes that leaked the other day. As it turned out, one of the SKUs were not for a computer to a computer, but rather according to a random image on Apple’s website, a Thunderbolt-equipped LED Cinema Display.

Such a monitor shouldn’t be that big of a surprise. Apple is seemingly equipping everything the company can with Thunderbolt interconnects; it’s their baby. Besides the additional interface port, the leaked images do not show any physical or cosmetic changes. In fact MacRumors dug up several additional images of the monitor hooked up to various Apple computers and despite what the previous rumors stated, these computers look the same as the current generation meaning any updates would only be internal.

Unfortunately only images have surfaced. No one has found any prices, release dates or even specs for these new monitors. Bummer.