The Roundabout Tapes – Could GoSquared put the heat on Chartbeat? (TCTV)

Back in January GoSquared arrived on the scene to attempt an assault onChartbeat’s realtime analytics territory.

While Chartbeat has raised an impressive $3 million Series A financing with a glittering array of backers including Betaworks and Ron Conway, GoSquared has had a more modest seed funding round from Passion Capital.

Founders James Gill, James Taylor and Geoff Wagstaff range between 19 and early 20s, so pretty young founders. Even so, their product has been attracting plenty of attention, especially amongst startups in London, their home turf.

The startup provides real-time website analytics that lets you to see who’s on your website right now. It has two products: LiveStats and Trends. LiveStats gives a real-time dashboard of a site’s traffic information, while Trends stores all of this useful information and builds simple, easy to understand graphs and tables.

I interviewed Gill and Wagstaff as part of a series of interviews with ‘Silicon Roundabout’ startups, we’re calling The Roundabout Tapes.

And here’s our blooper video:

The Roundabout Tapes: GoSquared Blooper from Chris Leydon on Vimeo.