Microsoft Accidentally Confirms Mango Will Be "Windows Phone 7.5", Might Ship By September

Well, that just about puts an end to the greatest debate of our time: what will Microsoft call the Windows Phone Mango update once it actually starts shipping?

Wait. Did I say “greatest” debate? I meant nerdiest.

Some claimed Microsoft would play it safe and go with “Windows Phone 7.1”, though that theory started to seem a bit dubious when the latest developer build of Mango straight up referred to itself as “Windows Phone 7.5”. Coming in to seal the deal is the above tweet from Microsoft’s own Imagine Cup (or, as every kid-at-heart of the 80s and 90s might prefer to call it, ICUP) team, which has since been deleted.

Also worth noting is the subject of the pulled tweet itself: all finalists of the Imagine Cup (which just ended yesterday) will be receiving a Windows Phone 7.5 device of their very own by September, which BGR interprets as suggesting that the update itself should be all finalized by September as well.

Of course, Microsoft could quite easily mean that the winners will be getting pre-release developer devices, rather than retail-ready variants. It wouldn’t be the first time that happened — in fact, the first two WP7 devices to hit the pockets of anyone outside of Microsoft were given to the winners of a development contest back in July of 2010, a full three months before the platform officially launched.