Here’s Spotify! The Music Streaming Service Officially Lands In The US

The wait is finally over! Spotify, Euroland’s prized music service, just launched here in the States. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as the company sent over pre-announcements yesterday. But here it is, complete with offline modes, mobile listening, exclusive content and, yes, even a limited, but still free user mode.

As expected, there are three levels of service including the free service plan that’s clearly designed to whet your appetite. $5 a month gets users unlimited, ad-free listening hours on the PC where the $10 plan adds in the mobile service, exclusive content and offline modes. But don’t feel like you need to hand over your credit card right away. There’s an ad-supported but free service to get you started.

Spotify previously stated that they weren’t going to launch in the US without this free service; it’s that important. Free accounts are limited to only 10 hours a month and feature advertisements. Plus free accounts are invite only right now, which seem sort of hard to come by. More on that later.

But the rest of the service is ready to go! Simply select either the $5 or $10 plan, fill in the payment info and you’ll be streaming music in no time.